Endoscopy and Bravo® pH monitoring

Bravo® pH Monitoring (Catheter-Free Monitoring)

The Heartburn and Acid Reflux Center provides catheter-free, ambulatory pH monitoring, a gold standard method for measuring pH levels in the esophagus, and for monitoring gastric reflux. The Bravo® system uses a disposable capsule placed in the esophagus as an alternative to traditional monitoring systems.

Bravo pH monitoring features up to 96 hours of data. During the Bravo procedure, a small pH capsule is temporarily attached to the wall of the esophagus. The capsule then transmits pH data via radio frequency telemetry to a small, external, pager-sized receiver worn by the patient. After the test is completed, natural digestive contractions propel the disposable Bravo capsule through the gastrointestinal tract.

Bravo is less invasive than traditional catheter-based monitoring, and allows patients to maintain regular diet and activities.