Dr. Paul Wizman

About Dr. Paul Wizman

Dr. Pdr-paul-wizmanaul Wizman has practiced general laparoscopic surgery for 9 years and then became deeply interested in weight loss surgery. As a surgeon, Doctor Paul Wizman performed his first successful laparoscopic gastric bypass in February 2002 here in Florida.

He has since completed over 2,500 bariatric cases and is accomplished at the gastric band, gastric bypass, sleeve, and revisional surgery involving all of these surgeries. As a surgeon, Dr. Wizman also performs robotic surgery.

Dr. Wizman is a physician committed to his patients and has limited his practice to the study of weight loss surgery. A physcian Having a passion for teaching, he has been involved in the preceptor and proctorship of some 70 surgeons around the world teaching them all aspects of weight loss surgery.


  • Completed a fellowship in laparoscopic surgery at Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal
  • Completed a surgical residency at McGill University in Canada
  • Received a Doctor of Medicine degree from McGill University in Canada


At miVIP Surgery Centers, Dr. Wizman is performing numerous procedures, including gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric imbrications using the most advanced technology. Using these techniques, patients can expect numerous benefits and outstanding outcomes.

Visit Dr. Wizman at the following locations:

miVIP Medical Group
3475 Sheridan St.Suite 101
Hollywood, FL 33021